Our History

  • 1992

    Grenadier Homes begins as Uptown Pioneers with one retail and two small apartment renovations.

  • 1994

    The company moves into new construction, staking a claim as Uptown’s visionary two- or three-story luxury townhomes builder in:

    • Thomas Court
    • Porto Bello
  • 1998

    Grenadier moves into mid-rise luxury residential:

    • Live Oak Lofts
    • Belvedere
  • 2004

    Grenadier moves into Attached Townhomes in a low-maintenance community environment:

    • Villas of Westridge
  • 2008

    Grenadier expands with two more attached low-maintenance communities:

    • Villas in the Park
    • Villas at Willow Grove
  • 2010

    Grenadier adds European-Inspired Homes to its Fairview Community and begins Wylie Single Family Homes:

    • Creekside Estates
  • 2011

    Grenadier begins its Patio Homes in Grapevine:

    • Stonebridge Oaks
  • 2015

    Grenadier begins luxury custom European-Inspired Home communities in Southlake and North Dallas.

  • 2016

    Grenadier expands its Attached Townhomes and low-maintenance European-Inspired Homes into master-planned communities:

    • Windsong Ranch
    • Viridian
    • Orchard Flower
    • Wooded Creek

A Warm Friendship with Icy Beginnings

Grenadier’s founders — John Egnatis and Anthony Natale — met in 1970, when Anthony’s father was building custom homes for both his and John’s families. John and Anthony developed a fast friendship, built on a shared love of hockey. In fact, the two would play for hours on end — both on the street and on the ice at Grenadier Pond. So began the journey that would eventually lead to the founding of Grenadier Homes.

Through the years, John and Anthony also maintained a shared passion for family and community, and often reminisced on the strength and impact that their community had on their childhood. It is from this appreciation for community living that the two have built Grenadier Homes into one of the premiere lifestyle homebuilders in the country, allowing homeowners to create family memories, live active lifestyles and become part of a thriving neighborhood.

Today, John and Anthony still play ice hockey together. They also continue to build beautiful communities that provide the lifestyle they loved as kids, requiring a thoughtful approach to homebuilding that is Planned for Life!

Grenadier’s Principals

Anthony Natale, President

Anthony Natale, President of Grenadier Homes

Anthony’s father, Nick, an Italian national, was a successful home builder in Canada. Some of Anthony’s earliest memories are on job sites. He began working for his father at age five, sweeping out basements and gathering scrap metal to recycle for additional funds. During these years, Anthony learned much more than the craft of home building. His father’s example ingrained the importance of staying grounded, the value of hard work and discipline.

Anthony graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science in engineering with a specialization in geophysics. After working for a year in a civil engineering firm focused on residential land development, Anthony completed an MBA at the University of Western Ontario, with his final semester in Milan, Italy. He observed the reverence and attention to detail that Italian craftsmen brought to their work. This inspired Grenadier’s focus on the details, which maximizes beauty and minimizes problems, keeping warranty costs low and enabling customer satisfaction. Anthony's experience in Italy inspired his love of La Dolce Vita, or "the sweet life." Anthony incorporates this love into every home Grenadier builds. He has managed operations, construction and land operations for Grenadier since 1991.

Anthony is an avid self-taught student of architecture and materials. Relating back to his interest in geophysics, his particular obsessions are stone craftsmanship on the exterior of a home and the blend of the brick detailing and workmanship. His passion is creating homes that are works of art that we can live in and enjoy daily.

In his spare time, Anthony travels overseas, taking pictures and enjoying new cultures. When he’s home, he coaches his son’s hockey team. He also tends to his organic garden, where he clears his mind and gathers fresh ingredients for home-cooked meals.

John Egnatis, CEO

John Egnatis, CEO of Grenadier Homes

When John Egnatis was 13 years old, he took a summer job in a downtown Toronto restaurant, near where his father worked as a trade furrier. On the daily drives to and from work that summer, John’s dad, Gregory, a Greek national, gave him a unique lesson in civics and architecture, never taking the same route twice and continually describing how the city had changed due to municipal initiatives and market forces. That experience sparked a curiosity in John about land, commerce and architectural design that continues to burn brightly today.

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, John holds a Bachelor of Arts in accounting and is a Canadian Certified Accountant (the equivalent of a U.S. Certified Public Accountant). As a young man, John worked for the audit and tax divisions at Arthur Andersen and Company in Toronto, Canada. John enjoyed his days of auditing smaller companies and always asked what the business plan was for next year instead of what the financial results showed for the previous year. He continues to ask such questions at Grenadier Homes, where he oversees the sales and marketing programs. John has managed land acquisition and equity/debt financing for Grenadier Homes since 1991.

John also has an interest in psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He’s volunteered much of his time as a Suicide and Crisis Hotline volunteer. When he isn’t working or volunteering, John enjoys playing in a men’s ice hockey league, stone sculpting, yoga, fitness training, being an involved dad and watching his three sons play ice hockey.

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