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Your experience from contract to after closing

From the moment you decide to become a Grenadier Homeowner, you will become part of our community, which means that we are always here for you, helping make life as stress-free as possible. Right away you’ll work closely with our “Welcome Home” Concierge, a team of professionals who guide you seamlessly through every step of the new home-buying process with a commitment to delivering your home with the highest possible level of design, materials and workmanship.

Once you’re settled in, you’ll be well taken care of by our Homeowners’ Association, which will take the worries about home-maintenance out of your hands so can live life to the fullest.

Being a Grenadier homeowner means spending your time and money on how you live, not where you live.

Grenadier Concierge Advantage

A good concierge tells you where you can enjoy the dining and entertainment options in the city. A great concierge tells you what to order and makes the reservations. At Grenadier, our Homeowner Experience Concierge is by your side guiding you, putting you at ease and making sure all your questions are answered promptly.

We have developed a system to help ensure that you’re always aware of the next step. After your contract is finalized you receive your timeline and get detailed instructions in our Next Steps meeting. We don't send you a manual or a form letter, nor do we ask you to figure it out on your own. We have a customer experience coordinator who is responsible for making sure your needs are met, your realtor’s calls are returned, your mortgage company calls are answered, and who will also likely be on the HOA board as our representative during the build-out of your community.

In other words, our Homeowner Concierge will be there every step of the way and will meet you or answer questions after your:

  • Next Steps meeting
  • Design appointment(s)
  • Pre-construction meeting
  • Home site groundbreaking
  • Pre-drywall
  • One-week pre-closing orientation
  • Closing and move in

When we are certain we can schedule a closing, we give you 30 days’ written notice. We make every attempt to allow you to schedule your life as seamlessly as possible around our schedule.

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