Value Priced for life

PMI Program

Reduce the Private Mortgage Insurance in your monthly payment with our PMI program. You can save hundreds of dollars on your monthly mortgage payment based on the price of your home.*

When you purchase a home with less than 20% down, you are subject to carrying Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) to protect the lender against loss in case of default on the loan. Plus, PMI enables borrowers with less cash to have greater access to home ownership.

With the Grenadier PMI Program, we reduce your monthly mortgage insurance, which allows you to qualify for even more home and saves you money. That could mean thousands of dollars of savings over the life of your loan.

Ask one of our New Home Counselors how you can save money on your monthly mortgage payment with the Grenadier PMI Buyout Program, it's a unique program you won't find from other new home builders.

Still haven't sold your existing home? Check out Grenadier Homes Contingency Program.

*Valid on selected homes. Cannot be combined with another incentive program. See your New Home Counselor for details.

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