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Homeowner Association

What is an HOA and why do you want one?

A homeowners association is a membership in an exclusive club with your neighbors, designed to help protect your home investment and enhance your enjoyment as a resident.

Why would the local city government not protect your investment?

The local city government has limited powers in protecting your property. They are not set up to manage a neighborhood at this level of detail either in protecting or maintaining the physical property. Common area items such as the amenity center, pool, the gates, the fences, trails, private sidewalks and streets, landscaping, lighting, mailboxes and other common amenities all need to be maintained, eventually repaired and, in some cases, replaced. When you arrive at your hotel, you expect everything to be in good repair or you call the front desk, and now as a resident of an HOA you should have this same type of mechanism to call the manager.

What do you mean by enhancing my enjoyment?

There is a difference between a four-star hotel and a two-star hotel. The difference is in the management and assurance that there will be consistency in everything from landscape to acceptable noise level. Carefully crafted restrictions prevent deterioration of the community and nuisances that typically annoy residents, such as vehicles parked illegally, speeding on private streets, trash and recycling bin location, unsightly window treatments or signs, hazardous materials and uncontrolled animals.

What type of powers does this HOA have?

They are a governing body of elected officials who operate the community. Typically, they hire a professional third party company to manage the property and enforce the rules and bylaws. They approve an annual budget and establish regular assessments sufficient to provide services for the community and estimated reserves for future capital items. They adopt procedures and schedules to maintain the property and common areas. They generate financial reports, set up bank accounts, file tax returns and schedule audits. They obtain insurance and pay all common utilities and maintenance items as they arise. They ensure all residents pay assessments and are responsible for architectural harmony within the neighborhood.

Why is all this necessary?

When your sleep is interrupted or your property values are reduced because of poor neighborhood maintenance, you will understand.

We encourage you to speak to an HOA manager, or many HOA managers, and ask them the difference between an HOA with superior documents and an excellent manager and one with poor documents and a sub-par manager.

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