Construction Built for life


Thanks to more than 20 years of custom homebuilding experience, we know how to deliver high-quality products to our customers while also providing extraordinary monthly savings. This unique ability stems from our belief that building a comfortable home is about building a comfortable financial lifestyle too. That’s why our homes aren’t simply built for durability — they’re Built for Life.

When it comes to our building process, every exterior wall, piece of glass and panel of sheetrock is assessed, selected and installed by hand-selected craftsmen who can achieve the timeless artisan architecture and level of quality assurance that Grenadier is known for.

Our build process starts with a detailed planning phase in which an integrated team of designers and builders ensures that all the right pieces come together — including green materials, engineered structural foundation and frame plans, and your very own custom finishing touches.

Grenadier Homes porch and patio construction

Porches and Patios

Each of our homes features both a finished and useable front porch and rear patio, offering exquisite extensions of valuable living area, while most other builders don’t offer covered front porches and charge extra for a covered back patio area. We have also taken the extra step of ensuring design integrity from floor to ceiling — look up and you won’t see the gaps or exposures you might find with other builders’ products.

Artisan Touches

Our Texas-inspired exteriors come with many standard elements that you will usually only find in custom homes. These artisan touches include: natural stone, complementary-matched brick, color-matched mortar, color-matched cedar accents, and extensive brick detailing. Our Grenadier design team goes through a deliberate, detailed process of matching and selecting only the most exquisite of these materials to ensure integrity of design for your home and that of your neighbors.


Because we’ve been in the Dallas/Fort Worth market for decades, we understand the importance of a durable home exterior. To protect against all kinds of adverse weather and continual abuse by the sun, we use 35-year Pinnacle® Pristine high performance shingles on the roofs of all our homes. These shingles feature Scotch-gard™ for added protection, and even come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Every one of our windows is insulated, vinyl, Low-E and double paned and comes standard with every home.


There is full guttering in every one of our homes to channel harmful water away responsibly.


While other builders may inject subterranean chemicals around their foundations in order to protect their homes from termites, Grenadier applies eco-friendly, non-toxic Bora-Care 2-feet up from the already pressure-treated lumber for double protection.

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