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Energy Smart Savings with the Grenadier Green Initiative

Grenadier Green Initiative

The Grenadier Green Initiative

Grenadier Homes are Green Built Texas Certified

The process begins in the design and engineering stages of your home when the precise amount of materials needed are calculated in an effort to reduce job site waste.

Next, Grenadier Homes uses structurally engineered lumber products that improve the strength of your home while reducing consumption. This is due to the fact that 50% or more of the log is converted into structural lumber.

In the event that we encounter a surplus, Grenadier Homes takes great effort to return excess materials to our suppliers and not simply discard quality lumber into the landfills. Furthermore, Grenadier Homes are built with sustainability in mind. Drainage considerations, weatherization techniques and extensive use of brick and stone materials help your home last longer by minimizing the effects of our relentless Texas summers.

Energy Savings top

HERS Index

By using technological advances in building, Grenadier Homes has become a leader in energy-efficient homes that save you money on energy costs. Energy efficiency is scored using the HERS Index (Home Energy Rating) established by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). The lower the HERS Index, the higher the energy efficiency.

A home with a HERS index of 70 will consume half the energy as the same size home with a score of 140. With today’s energy prices, a monthly savings of $200 in energy costs could save you $72,000 over the life of your 30-year mortgage.

HVAC and Water Heaters top

We install highly efficient 16 SEER A/C systems that can reduce operating costs by 25% over 12 SEER systems and by as much as 60% over a typical 10–15-year-old 6 to 10 SEER system. In addition, your new Grenadier Home is equipped with a High Efficiency Water Heater or Tankless Water heater to reduce energy consumption.

HVAC Air Ducts top

We test all HVAC air ducts with The Duct Blaster, a calibrated device that uses pressure to find the amount and location of air leakage. Tight duct work is critical so hot air from the attic does not leak into the system or cold air is not lost to the attic. This increases efficiency because it takes less airflow to fully pressurize the system. Even small leaks in plenum returns or air ducts can dramatically reduce your home’s energy efficiency (old homes without testing will typically have significant air duct leakage throughout).

Jumper ducts above bedroom doors allow for better airflow throughout the home, providing a more comfortable environment for everyone in the home.

Radiant Barrier top

Radiant Barriers reduce summer heat gain, helping lower cooling costs. They consist of a highly reflective material that re-emits radiant heat rather than absorbing it, saving up to 17% on cooling energy consumption throughout our hot summer months.

Insulation top

We achieve a Grade 1 rating — the highest grade available — which less than 2% of homes possess. This means all walls and cavities are filled completely, without gaps or compressed insulation around wiring, plumbing, electrical boxes, etc. This consists of insulation R38 blown in the open attic areas, and R15 blown in the walls, with advanced framing techniques used to insure complete insulation.

Low E (Energy) Vinyl Windows top

Grenadier Homes uses thermal break, Low E Vinyl windows that let more light in while keeping more radiant heat out. We use Energy Star qualified windows that possess a low U-Factor of .34 and a low Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of .18. The lower the U-Factor and SHGC, the better the window insulates and the less solar heat it transmits.

Water Conservation top

Grenadier Homes are designed to conserve water by combining efficient water delivery systems indoors and drought-tolerant landscaping outdoors. In addition, our smart outdoor irrigation systems are equipped with sensors that shut the system off when rain has occurred, saving you money. Outdoor irrigation is installed to separate zones for grass areas and planting bed areas, as well as having bubblers for all canopy trees, ensuring the best quality watering for your beautiful landscaping.

Healthier Air top

Asthma, allergies and sensitivities to chemicals are the major concerns regarding indoor air quality. We install properly designed new technology HVAC (Heating and Air Conditioning) systems with Merv 8 filters that collect airborne contaminates as small as 3 microns. Most residential filters will not stop particles smaller than 10 microns.

In addition, our systems draw fresh, filtered air into the home to improve indoor air quality while removing source contaminants. Any fireplaces installed are designed to draw fresh air directly into the fireplace so air from inside the home is not sucked out through the chimney.

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