Universal Design

Grenadier Homes’ DFW single-story Villas are not only beautiful to the eye, but a paradigm of functionality. This is the result of a new concept we have introduced, only in our Villa Series of homes. We call it Universal Design.

As the term suggests, Universal Design helps us create a space that can be used by the widest range of people. It recognizes a broad spectrum of human abilities and creates a space that can be easily used by almost everyone at any stage of life or mobility.

Examples of Universal Design features in Grenadier Homes include:

Home Access and Navigation

  • There is easy access to all entries of the home – No steps or tall thresholds from the garage into the home.
  • There are low profile thresholds for all exterior doors.
  • There is a minimum of 42 inches width in hallways for easier maneuverability through your home.
  • There is a 60 inch turning radius in all living and sleeping areas

Operational Items

  • Door lever handles on all interior doors are easier to grasp and turn for entry and exit as well as convenient for anyone carrying heavy or large objects.
  • There is a choice of one or two peepholes on front door.


  • The electrical receptacles, switches and thermostats are placed at lowered heights to allow for easy access from standing or seated positions.
  • There are ”rocker-style” light switches.


  • There are European-style walk-in showers and shower seat benches in the master bathroom.


  • The controls on ranges are front mounted for easy use.