Benefits of a Green Built Texas Home

Grenadier Homes builds DFW homes with the highest level of energy efficiency, which helps keep your energy consumption bills lower. But you don’t have to take our word for it. All Grenadier Homes comply with the Green Built Texas home program.

This program confirms that Grenadier Homes provides homes that will have lower energy bills, better indoor air quality, water efficient irrigation and plumbing, and a reduced footprint on the environment.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of a Green Built Texas home.

Water Efficiency

Preserving water resources is important to all Texans, and Green Built Texas homes are designed to conserve water both indoors and out. More efficient water delivery systems indoors combined with drought-tolerant landscaping choices and smart irrigation systems outdoors help extend current water resources.

Indoor Air Quality

Following energy efficiency, consumers often cite the home’s indoor air quality as the most important feature of their home. Sensitivities to chemicals that can be emitted from construction and home furnishing materials are becoming more common and Green Built Texas homes aim to mitigate the effects of potential contaminants.

Through proper design, ventilation and filtering the source of contaminates can be controlled, diluted and/or captured. This aspect is particularly important in Texas where high levels of allergens and pollen are often reported.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is of paramount concern to today’s homebuyers due to financial and far-reaching environmental impacts. In addition, each home consumes energy year after year, meaning that the environmental impacts associated with that use accrue over time. Therefore, energy conservation is an integral part of all Green Built Texas homes.

Green Built Texas construction protocols require builders to either certify to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR performance standard or meet an efficient performance target using the Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS) Index. Regardless of the path chosen, Green Built Texas builders like Grenadier Homes strive to achieve higher efficiency and lower operating costs for consumers by selecting a variety of features such as:

  • Tight construction and ducts
  • Effective insulation systems
  • Efficient heating and cooling
  • High performance windows
  • Efficient products
  • Durability and Moisture Management

Proper moisture management and reducing air leakage are the first steps to increasing a home’s long-term durability. Green Built Texas requires registered homes to comply with the EPA’s Energy Star Moisture Management checklist. This checklist addresses moisture intrusion at the foundation, roof and wall assemblies, and in building material production and selection.

Homeowner Education

A builder can do only so much when it comes to how the home will perform. Homeowners play a big role in their home’s performance and, therefore, should take the utmost care to operate their Green Built Texas home as it was intended. Ongoing and timely preventative maintenance helps ensure a healthy, resource-efficient home for years to come.

Independent Third-Party Verification

Building upon the quality control procedures associated with the ENERGY STAR certification process, Green Built Texas builders benefit from the services provided by third-party verification professionals. These professionals also enter much of the information found in the program’s home registry.

Many third-party verifiers can provide diagnostic services that help homeowners determine cost-effective strategies to improve the efficiency of their existing homes.

Grenadier Homes uses a third-party energy inspection company, TexEnergy Solutions, to provide high quality energy code inspections.

Efficiency Promise Guarantee

The benefits of owning a Green Built Texas home by Grenadier Homes are far-reaching. All Grenadier Homes also include an Efficiency Promise Guarantee for all new homeowners, which is a 2-year heating and cooling guarantee backed by TexEnergy Solutions.

The as-built information and specs from each home are gathered throughout the inspections process and are used to create a heating and cooling usage estimate that is given to the homeowner. If the heating and cooling usage exceeds the monthly estimate, homeowners can submit a claim and once the heating and cooling usage overage is validated, TexEnergy will pay the difference.

Grenadier Homes knows an energy-efficient home helps protect the environment and makes your wallet happy. To learn more about the Green Built Texas home program, contact us today.