Grenadier Green

Every homebuilder asserts to being “green” these days, but what does that really mean? At Grenadier Homes, it starts with the ENERGY DESIGN of our Townhomes and Villas, with efficient and optimized features built-in at every opportunity. To verify we meet these higher, energy-efficient standards, each of our homes is subjected to stringent TESTING AND CERTIFICATION. But then we take it a step further, what sets a Grenadier Home apart from the rest is our un-biased THIRD-PARTY CONFIRMATION, that ensures the absolute highest-quality standard of your new home.

Energy Design

HVAC designed to specifically meet cooling/heating demand of each individual home to maximize efficiency and homeowner comfort. Designed and certified via on-site inspections by TexEnergy:

  • Quality installation to exacting specifications, along with on-site verification helps to minimizes air loss (tight ducts) and results in longer life and lower energy bills.
  • Smart thermostat (programmable and remote accessibility via mobile app)Minimum 15 SEER (The SEER measures air conditioning and heat pump cooling efficiency, which is calculated by the cooling output for a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same time frame)

TexEnergy & Build Quality Certifications

City officials will provide a certificate of occupancy for a home that ensures that home is safe for an occupant. Grenadier has teamed with Tex Energy to ensure that the home is built to a much higher standard of energy efficiency and finish quality.

All Grenadier Homes comply with Green Built Texas program.

  • Water efficiency/conservation/minimize environmental impact
  • Higher Indoor air quality

TexEnergy Inspections

All the design and performance of these systems are verified and tested by TexEnergy, following a rigorous inspection protocol.

  • Energy efficiency elements of a home are input into government approved energy modeling software ensuring the home is meeting minimum energy usage requirements.
  • The estimate is the baseline for the Inspection protocol.
  • Pre-Drywall Tests:
    ○ Air sealing inspection of all visual cavities to ensure proper sealing before insulation. All imperfect seals are noted for opportunity to properly seal with either tape, poly-seal or t-ply for airtight homes
    ○ HVAC Venting is tested for seal leaks prior to sheetrock.
    ○ All perimeter walls are R-15 to achieve the very high grade 1 installation rating as a result of using blown in insulation in all wall cavities instead of simply batt insulation. All common walls (shared walls) are batted with R-11 on each attached side. Full insulation inspection completed by TexEnergy.
    ○ Home Completion Tests: Blower Door Test is performed to ensure home is airtight.
    ○ Fresh air system is tested to ensure performance/ healthy air in home.
    ○ Room balancing test is performed to ensure HVAC system is distributing airflow to each room at required rates.
    ○ All wet area exhaust fans are tested to ensure maximum performance.
    ○ Rim Seal inspections of top framing plate to ensure attic is airtight.

Home will not pass above energy efficiency inspections until quality installation is certified by TexEnergy inspectors, as evidenced by issuance of a final Electrical Panel Certified Seal. Such final inspections will verify all energy efficient design elements are installed, complete and performing as designed.