A Carefree and Cost-Effective Lifestyle: That’s Our Promise

If you choose to live in a single-story Villa or a two-story Townhome, we promise you a cost effective and more carefree lifestyle that gives you the best opportunity of completing that bucket list. We understand that dreams are made indoors, but usually satisfied outdoors!

What is a Grenadierian?

We’re glad you asked!

A GrenadierianTM is an enlightened homeowner who has realized that there’s a better way of buying and living in a new home. A Grenadierian is anyone who recognizes the value of having more time, more money and more opportunity to get the very best out of life and then start checking off that bucket list.

A DFW homebuilder with more than 30 years of experience, Grenadier Homes builds single-story Villas and two-story Townhomes in sought-after DFW communities across the Metroplex.

Grenadier Homes has redefined DFW lifestyle living through award-winning community design. You will see a masterful blend of:

  • Stunning exterior architectural elements
  • Native landscapes
  • Light-filled, volume interiors
  • Designer finishes by our award-winning design team and Design Studio.

So you can experience a home that lives much more luxurious than you would expect for its modest initial cost.

Community Management

An experienced, professional third-party property manager – guided by a refined set of regulations – will take care of the exterior of your home, how the community is managed to protect your enjoyment and your home investment. You get the fun part of home ownership and let the professionals take care of the rest. The manager maintains the annual budget, exterior grounds, the amenities, and landscape, the property insurance, the exterior repairs, and the list goes on.

With busy lifestyles and fewer reasonably-priced and punctual trade partners, an individual homeowner is often left in a vulnerable spot. A property manager will take this over for you, and you can no longer worry about finding the right trade, fixing a sprinkler head, cleaning the eaves, repairing the hail damage, staining the fence, re-scheduling the appointments that they did not show up for – and the list goes on, and on, and on. Say Goodbye to home maintenance and management and Hello to home freedom.


Thanks to more than 30 years of homebuilding experience, Grenadier Homes knows how to deliver high-quality DFW single-story Villas and two-story Townhomes to our homeowners. All of this while also providing extraordinary monthly savings. Our building process starts with a detailed planning phase in which an integrated team of designers and builders ensures that all the home is thoroughly engineered. This includes green materials, engineered structural foundation and frame plans and your very own custom finishing touches selected in our Design Center.


Grenadier Homes builds in the most desirable DFW communities, that offer best-in-class amenities, parks, activities, lifestyle programming and locations. We build our DFW single-story Villas and two-story Townhomes with covered patios, porches and outdoor living spaces. This allows you and your neighbors get to know each other. You will soon enjoy making memories with new friends, experiencing exciting community activities and enjoying amazing amenities just steps from your front door. This is what makes a truly great neighborhood.

Making it Easy to be Neighborly

We understand that social activities result from special people who take initiative. We have learned that it takes much more than the annual block party to create a great neighborhood.

We started by encouraging neighborhood events with a social director when the neighborhood was nearing completion. We learned that this is way too late, as our homeowners wanted to get together earlier. As a result, we start as soon as the neighborhood sees its first homeowners, because two is company and three is a crowd, but we make three a party!!!

Come enjoy wine and cheese parties, pot luck parties, game nights, golf outings, Friendsgiving events, travel club outings, tennis outings, walking excursions, dinner club outings, book clubs and the list keeps expanding.

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