Our homes aren’t simply planned — they’re Planned for LifeTM.

Lifestyle Created for life.

What does it mean to be a lifestyle homebuilder?

At Grenadier, it means empowering our customers to right-size their homes so they have both the freedom and the funds to accomplish their bucket lists. For some, that means buying a first home or starting a family. For others, it means choosing the best lifestyle for a fixed income or traveling the world with a low-maintenance home. No matter where you are on life’s journey, we welcome you to spend your energy and money on how you live, not where you live.

Find Your Lifestyle Match

Design Styled for life.

Design isn’t simply about how a home looks on the outside.

Design starts in the planning process, with detailed walk-throughs and millions of hours spent building, learning and iterating on our homes. While we are custom builders by trade, all our single-family homes come with a standard set of features and commitments. The result is a stunning home — one with curb appeal, resale value and enormous pride of ownership.

Find Your Perfect Design

Value Priced for life.

What good is a dream home if it doesn’t improve in value over time?

If it doesn't allow you the freedom and funds to accomplish your life goals? If it costs so much to maintain that you cannot enjoy or furnish it? We ask ourselves these very questions before we embark on every project — because we understand our role in providing you with both lasting value and the highest quality of life possible.

Find the Value in Our Homes

Construction Built for life.

Watch all the right pieces come together.

Our build process starts with a detailed planning phase in which an integrated team of designers and builders ensures that all the right pieces come together — including green materials, universal design and your very own custom finishing touches. Every exterior wall, piece of glass and panel of sheetrock is assessed, selected and installed by hand-selected craftsmen who can achieve the Grenadier level of quality assurance.

Find Out Every Detail

Friends for life.

Some organizations are primarily focused on profit. Others, like Grenadier Homes, are built to passionately serve customers.

Meet Your Lifelong Friends
Staff at Grenadier Homes
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