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They say the devil is in the details. The Grenadier Homes Design Team, however, believes the details are where the magic lives. We delight in personalizing the details of your home through our comprehensive design process.

Grenadier believes in the importance of getting the latest, greatest, and most affordable home design finishes for your new home. We offer a 1-2-3 approach, so you know what is included, what upgrade options are available, and how it impacts the price of your home. While there are a lot of choices, our 1-2-3 approach, created by award-winning design team led by Kathy Costa, will guide you through every step of the design process. Our Design Consultants work with you to create your new home to fit your all your needs and your personal style. It's the level of detail you'd expect from a luxury home builder and a professional design staff.


We Offer You:

  • Simplicity — At each community, we provide a detailed list of our included features. We clearly mark floor plans, indicating what features are standard and what features are luxury upgrades. We also simplify and streamline the complexity of home design to make the design process an enjoyable experience. You also get two appointments to make sure you have time to think about your choices and make decisions stress free.
  • Quick pricing — For each of our plans, our team of purchasing estimators, designers, and architects are continually pre-pricing our vast library of luxury finishes and fixtures. This allows us to quote you these prices at your appointment. At the end of your design appointments, you will feel confidence in knowing that your selections are affordable and there will be no surprises at the closing table. We also provide detailed upgrade luxury feature lists for all our inventory homes, allowing easy cost comparisons for the time sensitive homebuyer.
  • Design Studio with organized display — Our brand-new state of the art and beautiful design studio has over 3800 square feet of sample and design space. It houses thousands of carefully curated Cabinet, Countertop, Carpet, Tile, and Wood choices in an easy to compare arrangement. We also include high tech visual displays of Plumbing, Lighting, Hardware and Appliances for the freshest choices available. The studio is also flooded with both natural light and carefully selected LED lighting to make all your selections in true color.

The three largest cost items in your finishes budget will likely be:

  • Floors — Our studio displays almost limitless flooring options, including tile, marble, natural stone, wood and carpeting.
  • Cabinets — Our studio has a cabinetry display that gives you the chance to see all of our custom cabinet styles, colors, details and finishes side by side.
  • Countertops — Hard surface granites and other composite countertop options are also displayed side by side for easy visualization. This allows you to coordinate with the other design elements you have selected for your home.

We have also integrated the latest technology for more simple, on-screen displays of all appliances, lighting, plumbing, electrical, window coverings and other personal finishes.

The Grenadier Design Team looks forward to bringing you a fun, stress free, and streamlined selection process for your beautiful new home!

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