DFW Real Estate: It’s Time to Accept Change

DFW Real Estate: It’s Time to Accept Change
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At Grenadier Homes, our goal is to allow people to live their best lives. From low-maintenance living in amenity-rich communities to our energy-efficient, smart-sized designs, a Grenadier home enables you to live a cost-effective and more carefree lifestyle. That is our intention, but ultimately, it’s up to the person to establish what it means to “live your best” for themselves. And when life changes unexpectedly, your ideal lifestyle may change as well.

Lately we have seen a shift in our lives and how we live and think. Not very long ago, our lives were different. We took what we have for granted. We could go when we wanted to go on vacation, choose to shop when we wanted, and pretty much made choices about things that were always available to us. That is not the case now. We are at a time in human history where we have to see what we need to sustain us and our future generations. This includes the DFW real estate market.

If we use this time wisely, we can reset our thinking to move forward with better habits, kinder ways, and not take things for granted. One of us can make a difference for all of us. It is the time to set your goals and start to move forward with your lives and not fear the future. It is a time of growth and those who will move with the change will prosper and grow stronger.

That being said, things will change from this time forward. The best example of these times that I can remember is 9/11. I was so sad; I cried all day. Suddenly, the door to my office opened and a lady very sheepishly said, “I want to buy that house you showed me two days ago.” I looked at her, dried my eyes and realized that life goes on. The lady went on to explain that her husband had had cancer and he was over it and they wanted to make the best life they could for themselves going forward.

I know that the virus has a lot of us frightened. This will pass. Please reflect on what you are going to do when this time passes. If a new and better life for you involves having a smart-sized home that is easier to maintain and situated in one of DFW’s most sought-after locations, this type of living is Grenadier Homes’ specialty. Our DFW communities are close to highways, shopping, and area amenities that are truly one-of-a-kind.

It is time to consider just what it is that you will need for the future and Grenadier Homes is available for you by phone, email or live chat to answer your questions. There is no better time to find a beautiful new Grenadier Villa or Townhome of your choice for the best price and interest rate possible than it is right now. We have a limited number of homes available to move into now, which is unique since builder inventory is low during this time of restriction. Grenadier is also building homes for future move-in which can be purchased now.

The economy will soon start to accelerate again and it may not be that easy to get the home that you want in a great location for a price that is easy to afford. As you know, the DFW real estate market was leading the nation before this happened; and it will again shortly. We will again experience shortages in inventory and available land. That “some day” you have put to the side may very well be now.

Are you ready to find your new DFW home? Grenadier Homes’ on-site sales counselors are ready to help you discover your new home and how much you could save in a new Grenadier Villa or Townhome. Set up a virtual or private appointment with us today – find contact information for all of our communities on our Contact Page or chat with us now on our website.

To learn more about Grenadier’s DFW Villas and Townhomes and the communities we build in, click here.

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