Explore, Dream, Discover

Explore, Dream, Discover
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As DFW homebuilders, Anthony and I have always strived to deliver a home we feel will enhance lives. We understand this home is likely the highest dollar purchase for most buyers. We try to balance promoting why we are doing what we do and telling you why you will want to make this your chosen home or lifestyle without being too pushy.

I recall my first class in University, in Econometrics, where my professor talked about the life altering power of marketing and advertising. One example he showed us was Johnson’s baby shampoo – “gentle enough to use every day” was the slogan. The intention when introduced was radical, as most people in those days bathed less frequently, but they wanted to encourage use of their product and sell more shampoo. They later modified the directions: use daily was modified to lather, rinse, repeat and alas even more shampoo sales.

The result is the consumer sometimes consumes more of the product than they may need, and the company wins with rising revenues. We feel the homebuilding industry produced McMansions that feel good at purchase, but later may be too big for childless households, or too big for lifestyle budgets that have limited space for home maintenance and housing expenses.

As we have grown Grenadier Homes, our mission has become to build smart-sized homes in master-planned neighborhoods where people know each other, and to design homes that provide a lower cost and carefree-yet-exciting lifestyle. From this we recently settled on a tagline, GO AHEAD, LIVE YOUR BEST. We want to encourage our buyers to buy less so you can live more. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain. We hope our buyers embrace this sentiment.

Choosing how you are going to live your best in the next twenty plus years of your life is both a logical and emotional decision. Here is a possible template to follow to make such a decision?

  1. List all the things you want to do in the next twenty years, and rank them according to:
    1. Critical (Must Haves)
    2. Important (Really want to haves)
    3. Optional (It would be nice to have)
  2. With this list in mind and marking the A’s, B’s and C’s, compare the:
    1. The pros (benefits) of a GRENADIER HOME
    2. The cons (sacrifices)
    3. See where there are more A’s and B’s.
    4. See what the results tell you about your thoughts and your future dreams.

If more than 1 person is living together, do this process independently first, and compare notes. Sleep on it, and ask yourself what you really want, and GO AHEAD, LIVE YOUR BEST!

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