FIND YOUR HAPPY HOUR HOUSE: How Grenadier Townhomes Save You Money

FIND YOUR HAPPY HOUR HOUSE: How Grenadier Townhomes Save You Money
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When you decide on going to a restaurant, if you go for lunch or eat at happy hour, you save big versus the dinner menu.

Our mission at Grenadier Homes is to provide this type of menu choice and we feel our townhomes allow you to live more economically. What do you look for in a home – shelter, luxury, investment, or lifestyle? We try to offer you the best of all of the above.

Some personalities tend to be natural thrill seekers who want to maximize lifestyle and luxury items and enjoy spending money, assuming they will always have enough or more.

Some personalities tend to be natural thrift seekers and think long term, they are happy with a modest lifestyle so they tend to choose investment or shelter.

Well, our houses reflect our personality, but this home investment comes with annual investment expenses, such as property taxes, interest, insurance, maintenance and repairs, and furnishings, which most people do not calculate in total when deciding on the home.

The bigger and more expensive the house; the bigger the lawn with a larger fence, and a larger roof, etc. with more items to repair. The older the home, the more maintenance required, as all materials and systems deteriorate. It is likely, that this part of home ownership is not in your budgets.
The big question is what is greater: the investment appreciation earnings or the annual expense savings. A penny saved is a penny earned.

Most people have few investments beyond the house. What seems so logical to a hedge fund manager, calculating annual investment gains versus annual operating cost expenses, is difficult for the average homeowner because they do not know how to analyze their home that way.
For many it would take away the emotional attachment to that home if they ever did this as they were shopping.

So, that is why we created YOUR HOME SAVINGS CALCULATOR, which comparess your annual cost of ownership of a Grenadier Townhome, all in with expenses, versus your current all in cost or situation of housing. This helps you understand the financial picture better.
We make it as simple as A, B, C.
A. COST TO OWN: Calculate your PITI: Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance
B. COST TO MAINTAIN: Calculate your cost to maintain your own: water + electricity and gas + lawncare + HOA + Repairs (Interiors and Exterior)

So, what do you think people do once they find out the actual savings? They immediately think about what they can do with the savings. At Grenadier, we call cost-efficient townhome living ‘size savings,’ which is like the happy hour menu, where all food and drinks cost what you want to pay and not what the restaurant wants you to spend. Every day is a happy hour at Grenadier, where we encourage you to live your best life!

*The example used is for illustrative purposes only. Actual investment and savings potential should be determined with a professional investment adviser.

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