Why a Grenadier Townhome is Right for You to Live Your Best Life

Why a Grenadier Townhome is Right for You to Live Your Best Life
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DFW’s Housing – This house is too big, this apartment’s too small, and this townhome is just right!

At Grenadier Homes, we design our Grenadier townhomes with the perfect amount of space to help you live your best. If you’re currently searching for a new DFW home, you’ve probably noticed that deciding where to live is confusing enough without having to be confused by the various housing names and terms. Let us break down some of the popular housing choices and why we think a Grenadier townhome is the perfect fit for the modern homebuyer.

Navigating Housing Choices

They are built with urban densities of 20-plus units per acre and then they call them “Apartments.” BUT they are not APART at all; in fact, they are all TOGETHER, stacked upon each other, and share hallways and garages and entries which force everyone to be together. This living situation is especially not ideal during COVID.

They call them “Single-Family Homes,” presumably because the large amount of land they occupy and the square footage they span are needed for a larger family. But in many cases, these homes are mini hotels with rooms that lay vacant and unoccupied or used as excess storage. Furthermore, the words “single” and “family” confuse the issue as they are many times occupied by single people with pets and without other family members.

So let’s get on to the word Townhome, which owes its origins to old world England describing a dwelling for primarily royalty in town. These homes occupy less land at 7-10 units per acre density and are occupied by the largest myriad of family types from singles to couples to small families, so perhaps this is the most well-defined housing name out there.

Of course, some people are not left without confusion as they chose to call some townhomes “condominiums.” But townhomes are definitely not condos, and frankly, using a word that comes from the Greek “Konto” for short and the word “minium,” which could easily be mistaken for minimum or mini, gives it a double theme of “less” that is really disparaging.

Housing Choices and Livability

So, how do these housing choices live?

Apartments have more social interaction and shared amenities, but you cannot improve them with upgrades or other enhancement options, and there is both less land and less maintenance.

Single-Family homes offer privacy, almost limitless enhancement options, land, and limitless maintenance at almost limitless prices.

Townhomes offer a mix of the best of each of the above with social interaction, sufficient enhancement ability, sufficient privacy, adequate access to land, and limited maintenance.

Townhouses fill the gap, with a winning combo of allowing you to be both master of your domain (inside the house and out) where you get significant cost savings and the benefits of being part of the bigger community.

Grenadier Townhomes and Villas

At Grenadier we build two distinct styles of townhomes:

Our single-story VILLAS feature European-themed architecture with many historic accents, dramatic, single-level volume spaces, and luxurious details that live much larger.

Our two-story COURTYARD townhomes take their name from exterior living spaces open to the sky, which blend the indoors with the outdoors. The long vistas allow better views of sunsets or sunrises than backyard views, which are oftentimes blocked by a wood fence.

All Grenadier VILLA TOWNHOMES and COURTYARD TOWNHOMES are located in communities with amazing amenities and lifestyle events. Grenadier homeowners also have their font yards and home exteriors maintained by professional neighborhood management for true luxury staycation and luxury lock-and-leave living.

If you’re searching for a new DFW home and you keep hearing about how great the big home is or how convenient that apartment is, you may find that you end up with too much time spent maintaining that big home or too much money spent on rent. We encourage you to consider your best choice: a Grenadier Home townhome community that gives you more time and money to pursue your best life! To get started on your new home journey, explore our communities and contact our on-site sales counselors for more information.

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